What is it?

Diagram Of Life is my attempt to unite the deep concepts about life into a simple design; which, of course, is the aim of visual learning in the first place – to bring simplicity to a subject, and perhaps a core understanding. Of course it can be thought that asking questions such has become a bit of a tired old subject. I believed that, too, but that was before I tried to piece it all together. What I seem to have found is that there can seem to be a simplicity running through life; or at least so when it comes to the living things that we find on planet Earth.

The plan (hopefully, for autumn 2017) is for the diagram to be represeted with many explanatory images along with a few short sentences. After all, I didn’t do the research and draw the diagram just for myself, though it has taught me so much. I created it for you. I only hope it can become as fun a way of understanding life as it has been for me.