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Diagram of Life / Terms of Use


Date of creation: December 16, 2015.

By viewing further content you agree that: (1) we have no commitment to enforce your intellectual property rights in regards any of Your uploaded Content; (2) we may review, display, delete, edit, re-format, exploit or refuse to exploit Your Content, without notice or liability; (3) we are not committed to use Your Content and that you will not receive any compensation of any kind for our use of Your Content.

Objectionable Content. Owing to the quantity of user content, we may not have the facility to control the nature of content presented by users through the Web Site. You are exclusively responsible for your interactions with other users of the Web Site and any content that you upload. We are not be liable for any damage or harm resulting from any of the Web Site’ users’ content or your interactions with other users of the Web Site. Though we may remove Your Content if it is deemed in any way objectionable.

Prohibited Content. You may not post, submit or transmit any content that: (1) is defamatory or slanderous; (2) incites or encourages physical harm against another; (3) violates any applicable law; (4) advocates the violent overthrow of any sovereign government; (5) violate any patent, trademark, copyright, or any content of any type that infringes a persons right of privacy, without their express consent; (6) interfere with the functioning of the Web Site, attempt to obtain access to restricted content from the access granted to you through directly accessing publicly accessible content, use any hidden text exploiting our name, trademarks, or product names in any manner, or action any broadcast of any type of unsolicited solicitation; (7) offer to sell, or sell any goods or services; (8) assist any third party in action of any action forbidden by this Agreement.

Suggestions. You agree that any suggestions, ideas, or other information about the Web Sites, or our products or services, provided by you to us shall become our exclusive property. We will own all of the intellectual property rights of such ideas or information exclusively, and shall be permitted to the unrestricted use of these ideas and information for any purpose. Attempts will be made to acknowledge your input but we offer no obligation to acknowledgement or compensation to you.

Promotions. We may offer Promotions through the Web Site that may require registration. By participating in a Promotion, you are agreeing to the terms of use that direct that Promotion.

Changes to this Policy. We may modify this Policy at any time, without offering written notification to users by any means, so please review it frequently. If you continue to use the Web Site after we produce a revised Policy, you entirely accept the terms of the new Policy.

Contacting the Web site. If you have any queries about this Terms of Use statement, or your interactions with this Web Site, you can contact Paul James Till at the following email address