This is my opening short ebook, which takes a journey through the core of my Diagram of life. The Love of Life is a story of what might have been, what was as the universe took its young steps, a brief imagining of what else could happen, along with the core ideas of life’s purpose and how it may manage to make the whole thing happen.

And in the afterword I explain why understanding this can become one of our most important understandings.

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Which first, the book or the diagram?

This is a good question. You may prefer to read the written text first, which will allow you to create your own imagery of what I'm presenting. Also the book delves much more deeply into the story than just the diagram.

Or you can first journey through the diagram to see if it contains ideas that you'd like to hear more about. Unless you struggle with written or spoken language, I recommend you first take in the written account.